Wednesday, 25 June 2008

One Lord of Time?

Well this ol' blog has been a bit quiet of late, so here are my latest radio script offerings exploring some of the spiritual ideas suggested by Doctor Who, to be bedded in the famous music and hopefully playing soon. I voice them, having worked on my David Tennant...

1. Now one of the things about being the Doctor is that people are sometimes amazed how cocky I can be around some frankly very scary creatures. To be honest a lot of this is just bravado and down to the fact that I can tell better jokes than your average dalek (but don't tell them I said that). But you know what, these creatures I meet are frankly nothing compared to some of the things you humans have to put up with: rising house prices, threat of recession… Anne Robinson. Scarier than anything you could dress up in a green suit if you ask me. Still, from what I've heard you've also got the greatest being in the universe rooting for you. And you can actually get his help - just by. praying to him. Wouldn't mind a bit of that myself sometimes - even if I am a Timelord.

2. Now you might think that being a Timelord must get a bit lonely at times - you know, 902 years old, last of my kind and all that, keep having to get new companions. And I can't deny sometimes I feel it'd be nice to settle down, have a family, bit of stability, you know… instead of constantly flying across galaxies and circumnavigating the 42nd radial asteroid parabular (that was a nightmare). I have to say though, even I feel a bit put in the shade by the One you call the Son of God. I mean, to leave somewhere called HEAVEN – to come and live among you humans - no disrespect, but that makes time and space travel look like, well, flower arranging. The thing that’s a mystery - even to me – is frankly why he doesn’t get a bit more attention.

3. Now being the Doctor, I’m not going to pretend that one of the perks of the job isn’t the Tardis. I don’t care what kind of motor you’ve got, if you can say you get around in something called ‘Time and relative dimensions in space’, I know who the girls will want to talk to. Obviously what gets people is how something which looks so small and ordinary on the outside can be so big and, well, extraordinary on the inside. It does have its downsides – maintaining the thing’s a nightmare… but you know what, it’s not unlike some things you humans talk about – like ‘faith’, for instance. Looks very ordinary and unassuming on the outside – some people wonder if it’s even real, but when you actually try it for yourself, get inside it, start to live it - that’s a whole different ball game.