Monday, 16 March 2009

Barden Fell

Saturday, a group of us went for a hike on Barden Fell, near Skipton. Mix of sun and cloud produced some beautiful light effects. High stone bridge over broad shallow river, the kind where you could imagine a fly fisher’s line creating calligraphy in the air. Great noble ridges bathed in milky light. Dry slender leafless trees caught by rays through cloud. A landscape of wild rugged romance; ‘God’s own country’, the land of Wuthering Heights. That said, it was also baltically cold at the top.
Its hills and views are also a key part of Bradford’s charm, especially the descent from Wrose. A city full of panoramas of stone terraces and blackened wool mill chimneys.
Saturday night at HTI (Holy Trinity Idle), the ‘100 days’ celebration of the arrival of new vicar Robin Gamble. Bradford born and bred, a natural evangelist who set aside 100 days to listen - to God, the church, and the community. Seeking to strike a balance between cherishing the church’s history and each member of the congregation, and moving forward into a bold new future. The vision for the coming year, to be a beautiful community of people, free of power politics, who truly love each other. How does that sound?

Monday, 9 March 2009

Final answer?

Draft radio script based on 'Who wants to be a millionaire?', for a Yorkshire FM station, hopefully for Good Friday... 'Millionaire?' type tense music bed to go underneath.

CT (Chris Tarrant): Welcome back to the show, where Derek is already sitting on a big prize… Del, you know what’s at stake here. You ready for the final question?

D: Ready Chris.

CT: Let’s take a look.

CT: What’s going to be the NUMBER ONE goal in your life? Will it be: A – a fabulous body? B – a happy family? C - to get stinking rich ? Or D - friendship with God?

Del: Crikey.

CT: That’s one way of putting it. (audience titters).

D: Well, let’s go through them.

CT: Take your time.

D: The body‘s certainly tempting. Envy of my friends. Women falling at my feet.

CT: Now Derek, I’m sure that’s happening already. (audience titter)

Del: I wish.. But then, I’d give a lot for my family to be really happy.

CT: Wouldn’t we all.

D: ‘Get stinking rich‘... Lot to be said for that too. Not having to worry about the future. Keeping up with the Jones’s .

CT: Not to be sniffed at. Specially in these times.

D: Yeah.

CT: So I take it you’re ruling out friendship with God?

Del: Tricky one isn’t it? I suppose considering He’s the one running the show, it couldn’t be a bad thing.

CT: Can’t see him though can you? Money, good body, those are things you can see and touch.

D: Yeah… But a great body’s not going to stay that way is it? And money can buy you stuff, but can it make you happy?

CT: This is getting a bit deep for a quiz show (titter). Ok Del, but happy family, your nearest and dearest. Surely that’s gotta be number one.

D: I dunno. I’m just thinking about, you know, Jesus on the cross, how much he put on the line for me. I’ve just got a feeling that if you’re friends with God, that might take care of the other things too.

CT: Sounds like a gamble to me. It’s your decision Del.

D: Think I’m gonna go for it Chris. Yep. D Friendship with God.

CT: Final answer?

D: Final answer.

CT: We’re gonna take a break, be back shortly. (audience groans)

(Out music)